07 January 2018

Notice of Annual General Meeting on 7th February

Post updated on 14th January
Apparently the Kings Arms is now shut ,so we'll have to find another venue.

This will take place at the Kings Arms Hale from 8:15 pm after the run on 7th February,subject to final arrangements.
A prompt 7 pm start for the run please,then back around 8 pm ready for the meeting to start at 8.15 and finish by 9:30 .Food is provided but it might be a working supper depending on what time it's served.

Please let me have any items for the agenda asap but let's try to keep it short and sweet!

Both Steve and I are happy to continue in our respective roles of Treasurer and Club Secretary but if anyone else wants to steer the club in a new direction then feel free to volunteer.

David Shinn , Club Secretary

New Message Board

The old message board on our website seems to have broken down but there's now a link to a new version for you to try out.
Ideally it would be best embedded in the main page so that it's immediately visible but at the moment Blogger is having unresolved issues with third party javascript.
If anyone knows of a better board then please let me know.
Of course we do also have the facility to use the Dallam Chat Page. A quick count shows that about half of the current adult membership are in this Group.